We are a no bullshit Linux, FOSS, Web, Cloud and Technology Consulting Company.

Fosslancer LLC was founded with the goal of providing high-end SysAdmin / DevOps services to startups and small- to medium-sized business. Fosslancer will work with you to understand your needs, both the business and technical, as well as help you reap the benefits of modern, scalable, maintainable technologies.

What we can do for you

We are available for both short-term work as well as long-term contracts, and can help you with everything from flushing out your postfix queue to building and scaling a cloud architecture in AWS.

Automation & Configuration Management

Whether you have a handful of servers or a fleet of thousands, you need to keep things consistent and be able to make changes quickly. We can automate your environment and speed up your deployments.

Systems Administration

We can take care of your day-to-day SysAdmin needs, as well as be there for you when you have an "oh shit" moment. We work with a plethora of technologies and softwares, from Postfix and Dovecot to LXC and ZFS.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups require more than fancy software - they need written plans and procedures to follow in the event of disaster, as well as technology to make it all easy and reliable. Allow us to give you peace of mind by creating and implementing a complete backup and recovery plan for your business.


Let us help you consolidate hardware, save money and increase performance by virtualizing your infrastructure. We specialize in both cloud and on-site virtualization solutions with all of the major players, including VMWare ESXi, AWS, LXC and Docker.


Whether you need 100tb of storage for low-IO data archival, or 1tb of storage for high-IO database access, we can build a solution that will fit and grow with your needs.

Need something else?

Please send us a message using our contact form. Describe the issues that you're facing or the work that you need done, and we'll get right back to you.

About Us

Fosslancer LLC is a Linux and Open Source consulting firm in the area which was founded in 2014 by Kyle Johnson. Fosslancer was founded on the principle of providing industry best practices and years of experience to the customer at a lower cost than hiring full time employees.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson - Bio

Kyle Johnson is the owner and principal consultant at Fosslancer LCC. Kyle has been in the Systems Administration field for over a decade, with experience working for and understanding the needs of open source projects, small, local businesses and large, distributed enterprises.

Kyle has worked with distributed teams to build out and automate large-scale infrastructure in support of hundreds of millions of clients in both operations, infrastrucure and DevOps capacities, as well as with local business that just need their networks to be secure and their backups reliable. Kyle is also involved in the open source community, serving as the project lead for ZoneMinder

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys rock climbing with his wife, brewing (and drinking) local craft beer, and rocking out to Metallica.

Contact Us

Let us help you build and maintain your business. We can help you with the above services, as well as much more.

Whether you need quick help or are looking for a long-term support contract, contact us to setup an inital call to learn how we can help.